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A content specialist with 14 years of experience in the creative / media industry. To request for more samples from her portfolio, email yulesss[at]



The Health Risk Every Contact Lens User Should Know About

Has your doctor warned you about this danger of prolonged contact lens wear? True story: After an exhausting day, April dragged herself to the bathroom. Standing before the mirror, she began her nightly ritual of removing her contact lenses. Her eyes began to sting and water. It wasn’t just the discomfort that alarmed April.

Don't look back in anger

While anger is a normal human emotion, it can become destructive when it spirals out of control.

Is exercise the magic bullet for cancer? Studies link it to drop in patient deaths

Scientists have spent decades and millions of dollars trying to discover and develop better ways to treat people with cancer. But what if cancer’s wonder drug is actually just a brisk walk, slow jog or a few laps of the pool? A growing body of research reveals the potential of exercise as a simple and inexpensive treatment for cancer.

Metamorphosis: Celebrity Bernice Liu is not afraid of change

From being crowned Miss Chinese International to acting in Hong Kong, China and Singapore, becoming a certified sommelier, producing award-winning wines and managing a thriving food business, Bernice Liu's personal adventure has taken many turns. Things look rosy for the multi-talented star, but she hasn't forgotten her darker days, Bernice Liu tells Li Yuling over coffee and yoga.

Shashlik Restaurant re-opens

Hearts that broke over the closure of Shashlik last December will be mended when the Russo-Hainanese establishment re-opens its doors on 3 March, 2016. The timing could not be better as the restaurant celebrates its 30th anniversary this April. Now to answer the burning question on everyone’s minds: Will the dishes retain the same, good old robust flavours?

6 unhealthy vegetable dishes to avoid at hawker centres

If you’re trying to eat healthy, loading up on vegetables might seem like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, that’s not always so. Just one serving of a popular local veggie-based dish could pack nearly as much fat and calories as two cheeseburgers! read on to find out which veggie items dieters should avoid at the hawker centre.

Aussie Star

The Sunshine Coast has much more than pristine beaches to offer. Li Yuling shows how to plan an amazing road trip through South East Queensland.
Shape Singapore March 2014 Link to Story

Do You Fear Food?

When does healthy eating becomes unhealthy? We take a closer look at orthorexia nervosa, an eating disorder.
Shape Singapore February 2015 Link to Story


Yuling Li

An experienced multi-platform content strategist, creator and curator.

I enjoy putting words to paper and screen, having done so in different professional capacities – as copywriter, print and digital magazine editor, researcher, and lecturer. For 14 years, I have been delivering quality content that serves to inform, enrich, entertain, persuade, and influence. I believe good content stands out from noise, be it online or off. With a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, I am also highly adept at research, data analysis, and crafting messages for different objectives and audiences.

I'm available for local and international freelance assignments in writing, editing, custom publishing, and content strategy. My topics of expertise include health, food and nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, and travel.



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